Around the House

Still no word on our new roommate. Where are you new roommate?
I really don’t understand these window-type A/C units. I finally got around to “installing” mine because the morning heat disrupted my weekend slumber. This things weighs about 60 lbs., almost all of which is leaning out the window. How many of these things fall each year? I swear it’s the most unstable appliance I’ve ever owned. One doesn’t balance a refrigerator on the edge of a window sill, so why do it with an A/C unit?
In my search for installation instructions, however, I came upon a rare gem… The infamous Help Around the House” Episode ARH-133, “Painting a Kitchen”” starring none other than my friend Jody Cole. Unfortunately you can’t download the video, but Jody is featured in one of the still pictures painting the infamous W on the wall. Painting lesson #1: always paint in Ws, no other letters.