Andrew Sinclair


I Love High Gas Prices

+ (August 23, 2008)

I've been commuting by car to work for about 1.5 years now, and I still hate driving. As a regular driver though, one would think I'd favor access to cheap fuel and find a common bond of complaint with my... more

I have an Amazon credit card. Amazon is, of course, not the bank. The bank is Chase. The card "rewards" me by giving me approximately 1% back in the form of Amazon gift certificates. When I got the card, I... more

Starbucks "new" Logo

+ (April 7, 2008)

Starbucks has a new logo featuring an older, more hung-over, split-tail mermaid. This mer-woman comes in brown, and is apparently connected to Starbucks new "Everyday" coffee. It's a warm, rustic look, and as it turns out, that's because it's the... more

I just ordered Radiohead's new album, In Rainbows, for about $5. You can only pay in Pounds Sterling, but the price is entirely up to the buyer (so you can choose to pay £0.00 if you so desire). The business... more

Weather Terms

+ (February 12, 2006)

We're in the middle of a big snow storm here in Massachusetts today, and I've been watching the local news for the entertainment value of excited weather reporters and junior reporters saying things like, "you can hear the wind blowing... more

I'm amazed at the holiday spirit evinced by the residents of Waltham, a suburban town outside of Boston. Maybe this is some East Coast thing that I'm not aware of, but I always associated Halloween decorations with black cats, witches,... more

Central Square World's Fair

+ (September 26, 2005)

I woke up yesterday to the construction of a stage outside my apartment. It turned out to be the "Latin Stage" of the Central Square World's Fair. Apparently this event has been running for 15 years, so I don't know... more

Beer Summit

+ (April 19, 2005)

I checked out the Beer Summit this weekend. It wasn't too notable. For $25 you can drink tiny cups of beer for a few hours, sampling various beers while listening to a "beer band". The band was a horribly predicable... more

Kottke Becomes Blog-Artist

+ (February 22, 2005)

Blog pioneer Jason Kottke hopes to be the first blog artist, writing his ad-free blog full time with only the support of donations. He's combining the concept of micro-donations (proven by the Dean campaign to be a powerful by-product of... more

Following a Magnetic Ribbon

+ (January 2, 2005)

I took a road trip this weekend to drink in the new year in New York. Whenever traversing the New England freeways, I can’t help but notice the increasing number of “Support Our Troops” magnetic ribbons affixed to the back... more

Christmas Festival of Lights

+ (December 16, 2004)

As a city dweller, I really haven’t been seeing much in the way of Christmas lights over the last few years. Tonight, on a bus through the suburbs, I was really surprised by the complexity of many of the displays... more

Why I Love Massachusetts

+ (November 8, 2004)

Massachusetts issues a certificate to attorneys when they are admitted to the Massachusetts bar. It's something like a diploma, and thus contains antiquated language. My college diploma (from California) has some old language such as, "rights thereto pertaining," but that's... more

Earlier today I wrote that the people who chose not to vote this year could easily have swayed the election (as is always the case). I used popular vote numbers because they’re easier to find, and I think the point... more

George W. Bush will be the president for another four years. I’m disappointed by this, but I’m not going to be making any arguments here on the subject. It’s not worth the time. The voters have spoken. The people of... more

When Local is National

+ (November 2, 2004)

John Kerry voted this morning at the State House on Beacon Hill. I didn’t have such luxurious voting accommodations this morning at the LBJ apartment complex in Cambridge, but it was adequate. I love the local aspect of all of... more

What we need now is a good email scandal to complement the Ashlee Simpson lip-sync bust. Misdirected emails are more common than lip-sync busts because the elements are easier to satisfy: (1) an incriminating or embarrassing email, (2) accidentally sent... more

Red Sox Region

+ (October 12, 2004)

It’s Red Sox nation here in the, um, city known as Boston – in the region known as New England. The local news tonight is invoking death star imagery in their report from New York. “Some fans have gone behind... more

The New York Times website has a video stream of last night’s debate. This was quite helpful in ensuring that politics don’t conflict with valuable Friday night drinking time. Just think of how far our society has progressed thanks to... more

Phishing for Identity

+ (October 4, 2004)

I’m amazed at just how low internet con men have sunk. This morning’s phishing email informs me that, because identity theft is such a problem, Citibank needs to confirm my account details. They’re actually integrating the public’s awareness of identity... more

From New York to West Virginia

+ (September 13, 2004)

I spent the last couple days on a vacation to New York City and rural Virginia / West Virginia. These are two of the most strikingly dissimilar places in the US. In Manhattan, I spent the evening drinking beer amidst... more

The Apprentice and the Police

+ (September 2, 2004)

I never thought I’d find myself writing about reality TV, but I recently picked up the DVD version of the hit television series: The Apprentice. I was in the Netherlands during the entire series and thus missed every episode. I... more


+ (August 12, 2004)

My complaint-happy neighbor is finally moving out after almost three long years of tiptoeing to avoid notes like this, but I too will soon be leaving for greener pastures (not going far, but the grass is greener and the subways... more

Legal Reality Show Face Off

+ (July 8, 2004)

A couple days ago, NBC announced auditions for a new David E. Kelly legal reality show. This one sought experienced lawyers to argue real cases, and sounds to me like it will be much more tasteful than Fox’s earlier announced... more

In April, 2003, CNN leaked it’s future obituaries of notable public figures. The Smoking Gun saved them and now hosts them for your reading pleasure. Interestingly, the actual CNN obituary for Ronald Reagan looks almost exactly the same as the... more

Fund Race

+ (April 20, 2004)

I might be a little behind the times on this one, but check out Fund Race for gorgeous maps of campaign contributions by address. The link was going around about a month ago and I missed it somehow. Maybe you... more

De Novo Launches

+ (March 16, 2004)

De Novo, a group blog of four law students launched yesterday. They’re going to feature… well… features (which they refer to as "symposia") on various law topics – beginning with legal education.... more

I was watching CNN’s coverage of the San Francisco gay marriage story this weekend when I noticed an old familiar sight: the black "12 Galaxies" protest sign that is all but physically connected to hand of a Mr. Frank Chu.... more

Tetris Documentary

+ (February 7, 2004)

Having access to BBC 2 is nice, but watching BBC 2 advertise great shows on BBC 4 is torture (if you don’t also have access to BBC 4). Maybe I have it and I just don’t know it… Anyway, if... more

Wonkette Goes Live

+ (January 23, 2004)

Wonkette, a new site from Gawker Media launched today. Gawker Media is the current project of Nick Denton, one of the Founders and the former CEO of Moreover Technologies, where I was a proud employee before heading off to law... more

Rotterdam Club Scene

+ (January 12, 2004)

I had my first taste of Dutch nightlife this weekend – an expedition to a club in Rotterdam. The place had a little more style than a bad Boston club, but was otherwise the same as what you’d get in... more

Who Would Steal a CD?

+ (December 27, 2003)

I bought Grandaddy’s “Sumday” for $10 at the the Tower Records “Day After Christmas Sale.” I’ve said before that if CDs were $10, I’d buy plenty. It took me ages to peel off the little security sticker along the top.... more

US vs. UK Covers

+ (December 9, 2003)

After watching yesterday’s NBC special about food and obesity, I got into a discussion of the cover a certain Fatboy Slim album. I remember being slightly offended when a one of my friends in England made the assumption that the... more

1Ls with Moustaches

+ (December 1, 2003)

Check out these 1Ls with moustaches. I can’t help but wonder whether this contest was inspired, at least in part, by a certain BU 3L that has what is probably the most impressive moustache at any law school. Despite any... more


+ (November 25, 2003)

A friend of mine recently got written up in the New York Times for being a spy for the Dean campaign. Check out the article here. If the New York Times interviews you in your capacity as a spy, you’re... more

Neighborhood Profiling

+ (November 22, 2003)

I recently discovered that I am the victim of neighborhood profiling. Claritas has thought up all sorts of categories of people based on their consumer habits, and they’ve applied these to neighborhoods (as defined by zip codes). Those living in... more

The Winking Attorney

+ (October 30, 2003)

It’s always nice to be able to a face to a name. That’s why I have my little picture there on the right, and it is why I have my little picture on my posts over on Law School Discussion... more

Red Sox Madness

+ (October 9, 2003)

I’ve never lived anywhere as devoted to baseball as Boston, and I’ve lived in a lot of places. Living within five minutes walk of Fenway park has given me a real appreciation for the effect the Red Sox have on... more

Stop the Violence

+ (September 11, 2003)

To those who threw a fluorescent light bulb at me last night: that really was not necessary. Please don't do that.... more

I just got back from a nice long trip home to Seattle. I’m sure there are lots of interesting things to report, but I can’t be bothered to remember them right now. In going through my emails (I checked the... more

The Little Dig

+ (July 11, 2003)

I wanted to write something (else) about the consistently annoying road construction going on right outside my apartment. The street wart disappeared the other day, leaving only a stain for remembrance. I refer to the whole project, in conjunction with... more

Happy 4th of July. I plan on the usual barbeque followed by blowing up Chinese chemicals in the sky, but purely for aesthetic reasons. Meanwhile, popular internet sites today (via blogdex) dissent by pointing out some obvious policy mistakes. First,... more

I have a really good friend named Brian. He’s a great guy, but in a parallel universe, where things ended in “.com” instead of “.org”, I would probably hate him (though I would be justified because, in this parallel universe,... more

Community Hater

+ (June 21, 2003)

Apparently I’m a hater for setting up a law school discussion board, fostering a community through participation and promotion, and then being upset when people use my community to promote yahoo groups. I don’t know what part of me wants... more

I just read last week’s NYT article about the “Iraq’s Most Wanted” playing cards. Fascinating. has apparently sold 1.5 million decks of these cards, and from the tone of the article, it sounds like spam is mostly to blame.... more

I took a last minute, one day trip down to New York yesterday to deliver a large order of tortfeasor shirts, and transportation cost me a total of $22. Apparently, competition between rival independent bus companies has brought the price... more


+ (May 16, 2003)

I’m finishing up a fascinating book called Nobrow from John Seabrook. The number one Google result for John Seabrook is his nearly 10-year-old “home page” which he seems to have created for his book “Home on the Net”, but now... more

Gropius Groupies

+ (May 12, 2003)

I checked out the Walter Gropius House in Lincoln, MA yesterday. Gropius was the founder of Bauhaus, and his first U.S. home was model of effective use of space, materials, and design. You can read all about Bauhaus, Gropius, and... more

Telemarketing Lawyers

+ (May 6, 2003)

“Their job is part telemarketing, part chauffeuring you to lawyers and doctors, and a lot of hustle.” Apparently Washington DC has found a way to actually merge the telemarketing and legal professions! (via metafilter)... more

In February, London began charging drivers £5 per day to drive into the center of the city. What I find so fascinating about this is that it is enforced by photographing cars’ license plates at every entry point to the... more

Mark Eckenwiler explains how he sued a telemarketer in small claims in the District of Columbia and received a $500 settlement. The article is very well written, taking the reader step by step through the story and legal process. I... more

Baked Virginia Spam

+ (April 30, 2003)

Virginia has passed legislation that makes fraudulent spammers criminally liable. The law was apparently inspired by an FTC report that 66 percent of spam contains a fraudulent claim. The report, which I can’t seem to find, analyzed 1,000 emails from... more

EPIC Privacy Threat Index

+ (April 25, 2003)

EPIC has announced its privacy threat index “to track the growing threat to privacy resulting from the expansion of government surveillance.” (pr) (via Life, Law, Libido) One cool thing about this is that the image is hosted at EPIC, so... more

Patriots Day Report

+ (April 21, 2003)

It’s Patriots Day in Massachusetts, and I’d say it’s one of the better holidays around here. I happen to live very close to the Boston Marathon route, so there are all sorts of people milling about in the street. The... more

Missing Professor Found

+ (April 17, 2003)

There are posters around my neighborhood and BU asking for information to find missing BU professor John Daverio. It seems Professor Daverio just disappeared one night. The last sighting of him was the footage from the security camera in the... more

Shocking Phrases

+ (March 26, 2003)

I’ve been watching a fair amount of the news coverage of the war against Iraq on the major networks, and I’m constantly cringing at some of the terminology that the newscasters are using. In addition to seeing the same video... more

Communication Structures

+ (March 23, 2003)

In The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell describes a way to find the “connectors” (key influencers) of a group. He lists the most popular surnames from the phone book and asks each group member to count how many people he or... more

War Product Placement

+ (March 22, 2003)

(a) Reality TV shows are increasing popular, and the networks are starting to embrace product placement as a viable alternative to traditional ads (that can be skipped using new technology such as TiVo). (b) Coverage of the war in Iraq... more

Robots in Disguise

+ (March 21, 2003)

"I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth." Mr. Prime heads to the middle east. (via Sherry)... more

Stop Calling Me

+ (March 4, 2003)

I just spent six minutes and forty-eight seconds on the phone with a telemarketer. I spoke for about thirty seconds of that, always with something negative to say. Think about that. Someone just spent a tenth of an hour talking... more

Stop Thieving Thief!

+ (February 21, 2003)

Someone stole my sister’s computer from a study room last week. I think computer theft is one of the lowest type of thefts someone can commit. Computers are used to create and access information, but more importantly, they are used... more

Job Hunting

+ (February 5, 2003)

"U.S. Economy in Worst Hiring Slump in 20 Years" D-oh! Lets hope it ends before my job interview on Friday.... more

Promoting Beef

+ (February 2, 2003)

What if the beef industry was to make a website to secretly promote beef products to teenage girls? What would it look like? Would it feature beef-related games? Beef-related polls? Beef snack recipes? It would have all these things and... more

Great Bowls

+ (January 26, 2003)

I had a bowl of cereal this morning. It was super! I don’t know what’s more disturbing about the “Super Bowl” sporting event, the waste of resources in producing and watching the event (so much money, time, traffic, salsa consumption,... more

The Other Side of Spam

+ (January 18, 2003)

At my old job, we used to get really random emails from people using the feedback form on our website. I’m happy to announce that Law School Discussion has grown to the level where I too get “feedback” that makes... more

Who is Frank Chu?

+ (January 14, 2003)

Admittedly, I have a mild obsession with this guy. He walked around San Francisco all day long protesting his cause. There are many theories about Mr. Chu, but I believe the following (mostly hearsay): (1) He lives in Oakland with... more

No Smoking Please

+ (December 12, 2002)

Boston goes smoke-free.... more

Stupidity +

+ (December 8, 2002)

I'm honored to have been quoted on Beyond Stupidity.... more

AOL Scam

+ (December 3, 2002)

AOL to Announce New Focus on Taxing Confused Internet Users Perhaps I am missing something, but to me AOL is a company that sends me lots of plastic and paper in an attempt to get me to spend $20 a... more


+ (November 20, 2002)

What would Jesus drive? Apparently not an SUV. Yes SUVs are bad. They consumer a lot of gas and that is bad because it pollutes the air more than normal cars. Of course, normal cars do their share of polluting.... more

Points of View

+ (November 18, 2002)

Nick Denton is the former CEO of my former employer, Moreover Technologies. It sounds like he had a rather interesting night a couple days ago when his wallet got stolen. What makes the story interesting is the interaction between the... more

Tech House

+ (November 9, 2002)

I found myself at a Brown frat party last night… sorta. I haven’t been to a frat party since my first day of college six years ago. This “frat” wasn’t really what one thinks of when he hears the word... more


+ (November 6, 2002)

Don't blame me. I turned up yesterday to let me voice be heard. Apparently, it wasn't enough. This was my first time voting on the east coast, and I was really surprised at the crazy-looking voting machine I was asked... more

I'm quite impressed with the new website by my old co-worker, Nick Aster. The man has some good opinions. Most notable, in my opinion, is his quick write-up of the proposed California High Speed Rail. Car travel always seems cheaper... more

Bored with Billboards

+ (October 28, 2002)

The art of "modifying" large signs and billboards can take on many purposes. I used to pass by this billboard every day on the bus to and from work in San Francisco. The Billboard Liberation Front has an entire gallery... more

Canadian's Don't Shoot

+ (October 19, 2002)

Bowling for Columbine, the new Michael Moore film, was pretty funny and really sad. In the end, I'm a little confused about his conclusion. Moore points out that Canada has just as many guns as the United States, but that... more

UCSB: Burning Up

+ (September 3, 2002)

According to Kaplan via Newsweek via MSNbc, UC Santa Barbara (my alma mater) is one of this year's "twelve hottest colleges". This information comes to me via the UCSB alumni email newsletter, which I started getting automatically now that they're... more

Car Protest

+ (August 31, 2002)

I haven't actually seen one of these fake parking tickets on an SUV, but maybe that's because I don't own one. I think the subtler gas station pump sticker is less offensive (pretty funny) and makes a broader statement. Remember... more

Sports Resources

+ (August 25, 2002)

As of today, I have been to five professional baseball games during my 25 year existence. Today was my first venture into Fenway Park, the historic ball park from which I live only 5 minutes away. It was certainly interesting... more

Happy 4th

+ (July 4, 2002)

Sub-Code Housing

+ (June 26, 2002)

Ethan Mascoop, a local housing conditions expert gave a talk today about some of the common housing-related health concerns around Boston. From flies to mold, he said he doubts that many apartments in the area actually meet the housing code... more

Sprawl Introduction

+ (June 9, 2002)

Today I finished reading Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream today. I’ve been reading this book for ages because, well, law school gets in the way of things. For some reason, sprawl is... more

Airline Observations

+ (May 23, 2002)

I’m back home in Seattle this week – an uneventful trip so far. Traveling is always interesting. While it is amazing that we can get from one side of the continent to the other in half a day, it shouldn’t... more

Most Creative Cities

+ (May 14, 2002)

According to Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, I am on a tour of the most creative cities in the U.S. My former domicile, San Francisco, comes in first place, followed by my current domicile, Boston,... more

Pointless Protest

+ (April 20, 2002)

My outline for contracts class consumed most of my day, but I took some time out to go to an anti-war rally and march. I don't go to a lot of these things, not because I don't agree with the... more

Boston Marathon

+ (April 14, 2002)

The Boston Marathon is tommorrow. I never really gave much thought to marathons, but seeing that Beacon Street is part of the route, I thought I'd look into it a bit. There's a pretty cool video showing the entire route... more