Andrew Sinclair

June 2008

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I'm on Twitter

+ (June 22, 2008)

I've been trying out twitter for a couple weeks. I didn't think I had anything to say using short frequent text-based messages (not "text messages" because I still get charged for those, but messaged consisting only of text). I think... more


American Craft Brew Fest

+ (June 21, 2008)

I had a great time at the American Craft Brew Fest today. The fest took place in the World Trade Center Boston, which is the same location of the Massachusetts bar exam. The carpet was the same bright blue color,... more

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Homebrew Brew

+ (June 7, 2008)

I started brewing my own beer over the last couple months. It's quite an enjoyable process involving simple ingredients, a reasonable amount of effort, and positive results. Much like baking bread, there are very few ingredients but infinite variety in... more