Andrew Sinclair

March 2006


New tortfeasor Shirt

+ (March 20, 2006)

tortfeasor shirts continue to sell, but it's time to start phasing out the original black ink on white shirt design. tortfeasor was a gamble when I started it as a poor law student. The basic white shirt was the cheapest... more

I'm hoping that Law School Discussion is fixed. There has been an exceptionally high amount of traffic lately, and the server was in need of some optimization. Over the last two weeks I've implemented lots of upgrades. Most importantly, I... more

For those trying to use Law School Discussion today, I'm doing some maintenance and it will probably be several hours (by Saturday late afternoon / evening) before the pre-law forum is running again. The Students area is working, so try... more

Despite some recent technical problems, the Pre-Law Board of Law School Discussion is about to hit 1,000,000 posts.... more


Law School Discussion Work

+ (March 11, 2006)

For anyone trying to access Law School Discussion today - I'm doing some work and access to the site is on and off. Stay tuned. Update: It's Sunday now and I'm still working. After upgrading some applications there is a... more