Andrew Sinclair

February 2006


The Exchange Rate at Great Scott

+ (February 26, 2006)

The Exchange Rate is playing Great Scott in Allston this Tuesday (2/28/06) - 9pm.... more


Another Lawyer Email Embarrassment

+ (February 16, 2006)

Another embarrassing lawyer email has been leaked to my inbox (as well as hundreds of others) and ultimately, to the press. In this exchange, a 2004 graduate declines a job offer by burning a bridge, and she just keeps throwing... more

LED Throwies are an innovative form of street art. Watch out for kids in baggy sweatshirts at your local radioshack. Concept an innovation are as important as aesthetics in street art. Why not explore new mediums? Other favorites: All City... more


Why Zillow is Important

+ (February 14, 2006)

Zillow is the hot new real estate site brought to you by Richard Barton and David Beitel, the founders of Expedia (dot cooommmmm). The concept is to analyze real estate data to generate estimates of property value for any property.... more


Bait and Switch

+ (February 13, 2006)

I'm a bad student - way behind on my self imposed assignment of writing a little book report whenever I finish a book. The last book I read was Bait and Switch from Barbara Ehrenreich. I had read the related... more


Weather Terms

+ (February 12, 2006)

We're in the middle of a big snow storm here in Massachusetts today, and I've been watching the local news for the entertainment value of excited weather reporters and junior reporters saying things like, "you can hear the wind blowing... more


No More Western Union Telegrams

+ (February 1, 2006)

Western Union is no longer offering telegram service, although the website still has a little "your message here" picture right next to the announcement that says they don't offer this service. I'm too young to have ever sent or received... more