Andrew Sinclair

August 2004

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Moving Day in Boston

+ (August 31, 2004)

Today is (hopefully) the fifth and final day of moving to my new apartment in Cambridge - not more than two miles from my old place in the Fenway. Boston has a something of a holiday around September 1 known... more

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Moving Servers (again)

+ (August 22, 2004)

Moving servers is a big pain, and Law School Discussion apparently plundered the resources available on my new Cedant server within a couple weeks and has been asked politely to move out within a week. It’s been a mad scramble... more

I first heard about Craigslist when I moved to San Francisco in 2000. I tried to use it to find an apartment but it was a time when the demand far exceeded the supply. One household invited twenty potential roommates,... more



+ (August 12, 2004)

My complaint-happy neighbor is finally moving out after almost three long years of tiptoeing to avoid notes like this, but I too will soon be leaving for greener pastures (not going far, but the grass is greener and the subways... more


Comment Spam Works

+ (August 11, 2004)

I’m getting several comment spam messages per day on this site despite my use of mt-blacklist. (“Comment spam” is the posting of irrelevant comments with links to increase one’s Google rank.) I’ve never actually checked out any of these online-poker-viagra-mortgage-pills,... more

It’s been two weeks since the first day of the bar exam, and I think I’m fully recovered. Now I’m facing the strange situation of having nothing to do (nothing to study at least), and thus I turn my attention... more

law school

Bar Exam Report

+ (August 2, 2004)

The bar exam is over. It was torture. The studying is one thing, but the exam-day stress and six hours of actual exam taking each day really takes a toll. After three days I was rendered mentally and physically useless,... more