Andrew Sinclair

June 2004

I think the search engine is an amazing invention that has progressed to be so useful as to change the way society uses facts and knowledge. That said, no matter how amazing the search engine becomes, I’ll always be a... more


Ridiculous Warning Labels

+ (June 24, 2004)

We’ve been reviewing torts for three days in my BarBri bar review class with Professor Robert Schechter from George Washington. Professor Schechter is greatly entertaining, and in today’s lecture he covered product’s liability and the warning labels that can help... more


Trademark of Generic Pizza

+ (June 22, 2004)

Not every business can afford to promote their products with excessive branding of all their packaging. This is the reason that many Asian restaurants in my neighborhood use a generic “Delicious Chinese Food” box despite that it’s contents are not... more


Crazy Cat Outfits from Japan

+ (June 17, 2004)

This cat outfit link has me immediately bewildered as to one thing: what’s the dollar / yen exchange rate! (moments later..) It’s around 110 Yen to the US Dollar, making these crazy cat outfits a very reasonable $25-$30. Now there’s... more


New Women's tortfeasor Shirt

+ (June 16, 2004)

The Miss Feasance (get it?) shirt from tortfeasor comes out today. I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for a fitted women’s shirt and people seem to specifically like tank tops. Thus I bring you: the Miss Feasance shirt.... more


The GIMP is No Gimp

+ (June 14, 2004)

I’ve been playing around a little with The GIMP image editing software. It’s an open source application that’s supposed to do much of what Photoshop does. Though I can’t afford Photoshop for comparison, I’m amazed with the quality of The... more

My high school radio station KMIH (my foremost pursuit during high school) is facing an imminent FCC ruling that will take it off the air. A commercial station based in a small Oregon town has applied to take over the... more


Ads on Pringles

+ (June 8, 2004)

According to this article, Procter and Gamble will soon be putting advertisements and images directly onto Pringles brand fried potato snack product (I hesitate to use the word “chip” because Pringles are really a collection of potato particles pressed together).... more

In April, 2003, CNN leaked it’s future obituaries of notable public figures. The Smoking Gun saved them and now hosts them for your reading pleasure. Interestingly, the actual CNN obituary for Ronald Reagan looks almost exactly the same as the... more

The incredible new Sony X505 laptop can now be previewed on Sony Style. I continue to be amazed by Sony’s innovation and their willingness to compete with Apple for top designs (while Dell’s only creativity comes in the form of... more


Gracenote Stumped by BarBri

+ (June 4, 2004)

Since getting an iPod in December, I’ve been amazed at iTunes’s ability to recognize each and every one of my hundreds of CDs. Some of my discs are rare import promo singles from obscure early 90’s bands (A co-worker once... more

tortfeasor shirts are the number 3 occupational shirt in the Google directory, behind the fallen brother foundation and EMS shirts. I guess I should be happy that those occupations are valued more than the occupation of tortfeasors.... more