Andrew Sinclair

May 2003

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Tortfeasor Madness

+ (May 29, 2003)

Well madness might be an overstatement, but a lot of people seem receptive to the tortfeasor shirt idea – and the shirts are selling well. The first orders should be arriving within days. Thanks to Alice, Katherine, Lane, and jd2b... more

Some San Francisco artists are taking their art to the streets this weekend. If you’re in SF, be sure to check out The Great Debate Show on Sunday, for which artists are using the chain-link fence around an abandoned Taco... more

law school

Tortfeasor Shirts

+ (May 26, 2003)

Today I’m officially launching a project I’ve been working on: The website is just a place to buy tortfeasor t-shirts. Basically I wanted to make up some tortfeasor shirts, but I wanted quality (none of this iron-on stuff). This,... more

Standards, Patents, and WC3

+ (May 22, 2003)

I finished a paper a couple weeks ago about delayed patent enforcement as a business strategy. There have been a couple of companies lately that have “found” patents that covered a particular widespread technology. These companies have tried, and even... more

People laugh at me when I tell them about my “dream home” concept – a loft in which the entire flat floor opens up to reveal beds, tables, sofas, and storage. In last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, however, there... more


Museum of Techno

+ (May 21, 2003)

I’m not sure whether the museum of techno is actually a real museum, but I find their site pretty amusing. They have some good kick drum samples too. “Enjoy a summer's evening of fine food, stimulating conversation and, of course,... more


$1 Copyright Proposal

+ (May 18, 2003)

Lawrence Lessig has proposed that someone propose a statute to charge copyright holders $1 per year beyond the first 50 years to maintain their copyright. This would mitigate some of the loss of public domain works to the copyright term... more


Street Wart

+ (May 17, 2003)

During the winter I noticed a small hole in the street next to the drain-grate. The whole got bigger and bigger until one day it collapsed, forming a pit about two feet wide and three feet deep: The city apparently... more



+ (May 16, 2003)

I’m finishing up a fascinating book called Nobrow from John Seabrook. The number one Google result for John Seabrook is his nearly 10-year-old “home page” which he seems to have created for his book “Home on the Net”, but now... more


Phone "Booth" Wi-Fi

+ (May 14, 2003)

While I’m excited to hear that Verizon is experimenting with using existing phone booths as wireless hotspots in New York, I’m even more excited to hear that Verizon is dropping their DSL rates from $50 to $30-$35 per month. Yeah!... more


Gropius Groupies

+ (May 12, 2003)

I checked out the Walter Gropius House in Lincoln, MA yesterday. Gropius was the founder of Bauhaus, and his first U.S. home was model of effective use of space, materials, and design. You can read all about Bauhaus, Gropius, and... more


New Hampshire Trip

+ (May 11, 2003)

To celebrate the end of the school year, I took a little day trip up to New Hampshire and Maine on Friday. I took some pictures of Portsmith, a small town on the New Hampshire coast (which is less than... more

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Leiden Bound

+ (May 7, 2003)

I received the good news today that I have been accepted to BU’s study abroad program at Leiden University in The Netherlands. This means I’ll be closing out my law school studies next spring in the land of tulips, wooden... more


Telemarketing Lawyers

+ (May 6, 2003)

“Their job is part telemarketing, part chauffeuring you to lawyers and doctors, and a lot of hustle.” Apparently Washington DC has found a way to actually merge the telemarketing and legal professions! (via metafilter)... more


File Sharing Review

+ (May 5, 2003)

File sharing issues have seen a lot of developments recently. Last week, the RIAA unveiled software that instant messages users to let them know they are infringing. This followed shortly after a California District Court found that the popular file-sharing... more


Google Goes Dynamic

+ (May 4, 2003)

According to Google followers over at Webmaster World (including a Google employee going under the name of “GoogleGuy”), Google is perfecting their technology to better crawl and index dynamic web sites. Dynamic pages are valuable tools for anyone using a... more

In February, London began charging drivers £5 per day to drive into the center of the city. What I find so fascinating about this is that it is enforced by photographing cars’ license plates at every entry point to the... more

Mark Eckenwiler explains how he sued a telemarketer in small claims in the District of Columbia and received a $500 settlement. The article is very well written, taking the reader step by step through the story and legal process. I... more