Andrew Sinclair

March 2003



+ (March 31, 2003)

I went to see Sole last Thursday. I don’t tend to go to too many hip-hop shows, but I like Sole enough to have found my way over to Cambridge to check out the show. The opening act, Grand Buffet,... more

British troops are rocking out while blowing stuff up. Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town” is apparently doing quite well on the British-soldier charts (er, chart). I doubt they’re playing any of the recent songs from The Beasties,... more

I’ve been watching a fair amount of the news coverage of the war against Iraq on the major networks, and I’m constantly cringing at some of the terminology that the newscasters are using. In addition to seeing the same video... more


Bomb Your Laundry – Not Iraq

+ (March 23, 2003)

I just a read a footnote to a case that reads, “The combination of detergent and chlorine bleach is called ‘la bomba’ in Puerto Rico.” Clorox Co., Puerty Rico v. Procter & Gamble Commercial Co. 228 F.3d 24 (1st Cir.... more

In The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell describes a way to find the “connectors” (key influencers) of a group. He lists the most popular surnames from the phone book and asks each group member to count how many people he or... more


War Product Placement

+ (March 22, 2003)

(a) Reality TV shows are increasing popular, and the networks are starting to embrace product placement as a viable alternative to traditional ads (that can be skipped using new technology such as TiVo). (b) Coverage of the war in Iraq... more

Check the archive y'all - this site is one year old today!... more


Robots in Disguise

+ (March 21, 2003)

"I want you to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth." Mr. Prime heads to the middle east. (via Sherry)... more


KCSB Webcast Back Online!

+ (March 18, 2003)

My college radio station, to which I devoted considerable time and energy (I lead the push to get turntables and a DJ mixer in the studio for live DJ mix shows), has never (since I've known it) had a webcast... more

Thomas Korte is excited that his new blog (one week old) has already appeared in Google. He claims to be impressed with Google's speed in finding and indexing his site, not because he likes being in google. Come on Thomas,... more

I’m thinking back to a lunch conversation in 2000 (just after the election controversy was settled). Nick Aster asked, “Okay, Bush is going to be the president, now what does that really mean?” Now we know… War is imminent, and... more


Puma Trademark

+ (March 17, 2003)

Kevin Heller offers some legal analysis of the Puma BJ advertisement controversy. Puma won't embrace the consumer interest, but Nick Denton will. (via Nick Denton / Gawker)... more

It sounds like Bush plans to go war very soon. Are you prepared for terrorist retaliation? The Department of Homeland Security has created a website to help you duck and cover, but the logos suggest alternative measures. (via MemeFirst)... more


Samoas v. Caramel deLites

+ (March 15, 2003)

Samoas v. Caramel deLites We all know what the best kind of Girl Scout cookies are, but we can't agree on what to call them. There seem to be many theories on why there are two different names. Myths: (1)... more



+ (March 12, 2003)

Intel today released it’s new processor, “centrino”. Because it’s specifically designed for mobile computing, all the major laptop manufacturers also released new products today. It’s an exciting day for the laptop enthusiast. Check out all the new designs from the... more

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Spring Break Travels

+ (March 8, 2003)

It’s spring break at BU this week, and I’m on a little road trip down and up the East Coast. It’s my “Libraries of the East Tour” because I have to write this paper for Friday. Today’s stop: The Law... more

My first-year Contracts professor has a tradition of singing and reading poems submitted by students about the cases. Yesterday, he invited me to play guitar for his class as he sang. It’s been almost a year since I was in... more

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Paper? What Paper?

+ (March 6, 2003)

I think I have encountered the law student’s second worst nightmare (second only to sleeping though an exam). One of my classmates yesterday asked me how my paper was going… what paper? It turns out that there is a draft... more


Stop Calling Me

+ (March 4, 2003)

I just spent six minutes and forty-eight seconds on the phone with a telemarketer. I spoke for about thirty seconds of that, always with something negative to say. Think about that. Someone just spent a tenth of an hour talking... more

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Boston Sublet

+ (March 2, 2003)

Once again, our apartment is party available as a Boston Summer Sublet.... more


To Google

+ (March 1, 2003)

Google attempts to prevent genericide by asking Word Spy to cease defining “google” as a verb. For those not familiar with the word “genericide”, just google it. Check out the third result for an accurate description: the word spy.... more