Andrew Sinclair

February 2003


Pick a Number...

+ (February 27, 2003)

How popular is your favorite number – and why? I’ve recently learned that numbers, like abbreviations, can be protected under the Lanham Act (trademark protection). Of course, like any trademark, we have to look at the mark in relation to... more


Koyama Paintings Online

+ (February 26, 2003)

For some quality art, check out Sherry Koyama's paintings on the Art Bureau site.... more


New Daypop Features

+ (February 25, 2003)

Daypop has recently added a couple of really cool new features. In addition to generating a list of the day’s most popular links from blogs, they are now generating lists of the most linked to blogs and the most popular... more


Fat Pad

+ (February 23, 2003)

The mirror image of my apartment is for sale a couple doors down from me. Asking price: $1 million. Mind you, that’s for the whole three-unit building. Still, that’s a lot of money.... more

Last night was the final night of the Legal Follies show. Musically, I think it was the best of the three nights, but Friday’s (sold out) crowd provided for the most entertaining of the three nights. It was a lot... more


Stop Thieving Thief!

+ (February 21, 2003)

Someone stole my sister’s computer from a study room last week. I think computer theft is one of the lowest type of thefts someone can commit. Computers are used to create and access information, but more importantly, they are used... more

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Legal Follies Opener

+ (February 20, 2003)

Tonight is opening night for the “Legal Follies” show. I’ve been practicing guitar for about four days straight, dawn to well after dusk, and trekking through the snow to do so. I was a little surprised to hear that other... more



+ (February 16, 2003)

I have to admit, I love snow. I’m really excited for the big storm that has been heading up this way. The National Weather Service says 10”-12”, says 10”-20”, Weather Underground says 14”-16”, and says… 10”-12”. Hmm. That... more

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Interview Poetry

+ (February 13, 2003)

It’s been a busy week. I went home to Seattle for a job interview and a wedding last weekend, and now I’m back in action as an overworked law student. I took a couple hours out last night to check... more


Job Hunting

+ (February 5, 2003)

"U.S. Economy in Worst Hiring Slump in 20 Years" D-oh! Lets hope it ends before my job interview on Friday.... more


Driving on the Charles?

+ (February 3, 2003)

The weather in Boston has finally warmed up. For a while it looked like it would never get above freezing. The prolonged cold was enough to freeze the surface of the Charles River, which divides Boston from Cambridge. Some Harvard... more


Promoting Beef

+ (February 2, 2003)

What if the beef industry was to make a website to secretly promote beef products to teenage girls? What would it look like? Would it feature beef-related games? Beef-related polls? Beef snack recipes? It would have all these things and... more