Andrew Sinclair

October 2002


Bored with Billboards

+ (October 28, 2002)

The art of "modifying" large signs and billboards can take on many purposes. I used to pass by this billboard every day on the bus to and from work in San Francisco. The Billboard Liberation Front has an entire gallery... more


Beacon Hill Tour

+ (October 26, 2002)

The Arts Law Association's Historic Architectural Walking Tour of Beacon Hill was today. I've been planning this event for a few weeks now and it has turned out to be quite a bit of work. I was worried that the... more


Game Cube v.1

+ (October 23, 2002)

The original game cube is now emulated online! When I was a kid, we didn't have astronauts to help us "solve the cube".... more


When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

+ (October 21, 2002)

One of the great things about living in New England at time of year is the colorful array of autumn foliage. Boston has no shortage of urban trees, the leaves of which become yellow, orange, and red with life (er,... more

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First eBay Sale

+ (October 20, 2002)

My first ever sale on eBay is now at the "please send me the money" stage. I was surprised at the questions people emailed me. It wasn't that they were really strange, but they seemed like slightly unreasonable requests. "I'll... more


Canadian's Don't Shoot

+ (October 19, 2002)

Bowling for Columbine, the new Michael Moore film, was pretty funny and really sad. In the end, I'm a little confused about his conclusion. Moore points out that Canada has just as many guns as the United States, but that... more

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Wasted Civilization

+ (October 17, 2002)

A couple times a year, I make the mistake of starting a round of the greatest computer game of all time: Civilization. I don't know what it is about this game that makes it so addicting, but it has it... more


I Am Trying to Listen to Wilco

+ (October 16, 2002)

The Coolidger Corner Theatre is one of the great independent movie houses remaining in this country. I think I've mentioned it before. The other night they showed, "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco". The film... more


Gardner of Art

+ (October 14, 2002)

I finally made it down to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum today. They were having free admission as part of the Fenway Cultural District’s “Opening Our Doors” day. I think it’s pretty cool that my neighborhood has it’s own “alliance”.... more


The Case Against Bags

+ (October 13, 2002)

My new computer came with a free backpack which is on sale this week on eBay. There are tons of computer bags available these days, but they all look the same. Actually, there are some original designs out there. It... more


Illegal Art

+ (October 12, 2002)

Illegal Art says, "Rooted in the U.S. Constitution, copyright was originally intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas but is now being used to stifle it." I don't think the Constitution actually allows congress to promote the exchange of ideas:... more


Product Idea Machine

+ (October 10, 2002)

A great new product idea: "Andrew Sinclair" Andrew Sinclair is like a normal window pane, but it can extinguish fires. Order yours today!... more

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New Computer

+ (October 7, 2002)

I've been on that FedEx website all day - hitting refresh every few minutes. My computer was still last reported in Ohio until... as I was waiting to cross the street at the intersection next to my house - FedEx... more

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Waiting for a New Computer

+ (October 6, 2002)

Soon I will be the proud owner of a new Sony SRX87P computer. Though I really don't have the money for it, I figured it will enable me to take better class notes... and it's oh-so-cool looking. I've been tracking... more

Thanks to Westlaw and their "reward points" system, I am the proud owner of a brand new Panasonic cordless phone. The phone is worth a whopping $129, the most expensive phone I've ever owned. What makes it so good? Hell... more

Apparently the free version of Web Trends Live (no link because, well, I'm mad at them) has been discontinued. I understand that these companies need to make money, but I, like many others, cannot afford to pay. I hope for... more