Airline Meal Photos

I’ve been wanting to do one of these before and after pictures ever since a United flight I took last summer. The “food” was so colorful, and since each item was individually wrapped, there was very colorful waste at the end of the meal. Alas, I had already eaten the meal by the time I got the idea, so there would have been no “before” picture. Today’s meal was much less colorful, but still an interesting specimen.
As mentioned, has a whole collection of airline meal photos. Mine will be added in the next couple days, so look for it under Alaska Airlines. There’s a CNN story about that site today, but the story seems to focus more on the fact that airline food is bad than on the site’s artistic element. I think it’s cool just to have a database of meal photographs without the overarching “point”. Thus I’m not going to comment on the quality of my breakfast today. There it is. It just looks interesting.
I noticed some similar pictures recently in a bound collection of content from Colors. I can’t find the pictures on their website, but I thought I’d mention it just because it’s a nice site to have a look at. I didn’t know that the magazine was related to the United Colors of Benetton. Hmm.