A Woman with a Bass is a Thing of Beauty

The Microsoft advertisement (shown first) appears in this month’s issue of Wired Magazine. The Citi advertisement (shown second) appears in this month’s issue of “Fashion Rocks – A Supplement to Wired Magazine.”
microsoft ad with female bass player citi ad with female bass player
Apparently women playing basses alone with laptops nearby is the hottest new image to promote intangible products and services.
The Microsoft advertisement tries to argue that it’s software will help young women to produce gold records. I think some recording software might be a better choice than Office XP. Even more ludicrous is the Citi advertisement’s implication that young women will be able to obtain basses and laptops by cashing in credit card points. Considering that you’d have to spend $50,000 to earn enough points for an iPod, basses and laptops are far from “achievable rewards”. Maybe they mean that if you buy a bass, a laptop, and a picture, you’ll earn enough points to get a funny looking lamp.