$30 Clicks!

Back in November I reported on my findings that people were paying a whopping $8 for search engine clicks for the term “data recovery”. I did a little checking around today and found the most expensive clicks I can comprehend: $30! So if you type this particular word into an Overture affiliated search engine (and most of them are – not Google though), and click the first couple of results, you will cause someone to pay $30 to someone else. Who is paying this much? Tort lawyers.
And now… the word: mesothelioma

3 thoughts on “$30 Clicks!”

  1. You think $7 is a lot?
    Try the keyword ‘lemon law’:
    Auto Lemon Law Attorneys: Free Advice
    Speak with a lemon law specialist. Call toll-free. Get a refund or replacement vehicle. No cost or fees. Serving MI, IL, WI, in, OH, NV, CO, FL, CA. http://www.lemonauto.com
    (Advertiser’s Max Bid: $17.02)
    YES, the is $17 per click – I think that tells us that lawyers are overpaid 😉

  2. Do you think I’d get sued if I told everyone I know to start clicking like mad on those paid links? Time to reconsider buying stock in Yahoo. 😉

  3. Yes, it seems the lawyers are the one’s with the money to burn on PPC. What will be next? $50 clicks for (Nick’s) “PPC Lawsuit”?
    Thomas, still no bids for your catch phrase: “back in november”

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