Grant Lee Phillips is My Reunion

Grant Lee PhillipsI saw an amazing Grant Lee Phillips show a couple weeks ago at TT the Bear’s (that’s a real picture of the show from my cell phone). I went to the show alone, which is something I don’t usually do, and Grant really brought me back. I realized that I’ve been listening Grant Lee Phillips / Buffalo for over ten years (evidenced by my approaching ten year high school reunion). I used to always bring Copperopolis as travel music for my trips in a case that only held ten CDs. I think that puts Copperopolis in my top ten, if I had one.
So Grant’s songs have been there from high school to college, to England, to SF, to Boston, the Netherlands, and countless trips in between. There are others of course, but Grant endures with the best.
It’s been a nostalgic couple weeks for me with the Grant Lee Phillips show, a trip to my old college town (haven’t been in five years), and multiple emails from old friends with no apparent correlation to each other. It’s great to step back and look at life-thus-far as a whole. It is, after all, one continuous flow even if we mark sections by time and place.
…and if you don’t have Copperopolis, it’s just $0.75 on