Google Talk Launches

Google launches talk, an IM and VoIP service. I haven’t tried it yet because it takes two to talk, so I have merely a sad list of “invited” people.
Like anything Google touches, I expect it to be amazing. I’m still sticking with Trillian as my primary IM system for now. They offer something no one else does: everyone else.

Akamai’s News Index

Akamai, an internet content delivery company, launched a cool news meter last week. Apparently Akamai touches so much internet news content that they’re able to view their own usage data and create a relative index of how much news consumption there is in any given five minute period. I remember reading that Reuters was going to do something similar with their giant sign in Times Square. They built the sign, but I’m not sure they ever actually created a news index. Akamai’s index doesn’t have much data, but it’s an interesting few numbers that could be worth syndicating to news sites or widgets.

Nor Cal Trip

I’m back in Boston after a great trip back west to northern California. Congratulations to Graeme and Karenna for marrying each other.
Part of my trip included a visit to Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake in the U.S.. I don’t remember ever having gone there before, though photographic evidence suggests otherwise. Lake Tahoe is a truly beautiful natural area that is surrounded, at least on the south side, by kitschy 70’s buildings. I felt as though a turquoise turtleneck t-shirt would be appropriate attire in the winter. This, perhaps, results from the confluence of California money and Nevada vice, a combination that spawned the charming village of “Stateline”, which features quickie wedding chapels and slot machines next to a clear-water lake and jagged mountain peaks.
Tahoe was my main course, but I washed it down with a healthy swig of San Francisco, my former home, and a truly world-class town.