tortfeasor site update

tortfeasor has had a new site for about a week now, but I haven’t yet mentioned it here yet. The design is similar to the old one, but it’s done using css for positioning instead of tables. Not unlike the site you’re at right now (more on this site’s design).
One of the new features of the site is that there is a place for tortfeasor news. I was amused last week when a picture of no less than seven satisfied tortfeasor customers showed up in my inbox – so it’s on the news page for now.
Okay – that’s it for web projects for a while – time to review the ole’ European Community Treaty. Exams come at strange times in the Netherlands.

New Features at Law School Discussion

Law School Discussion is launching two new features today. First, there is now a message board for every law school. Traditionally people have been reluctant to use these, except of course for the BU board which I’ve promoted a little. Still – why not offer them? People get all excited about yahoo groups for admitted students – and yahoo has an ugly design with huge advertisements. My favorite “first post” is from a famous professor at Ohio State that complained about the lack of posts: “I hate to have a big fat zero sitting here.”
law school discussion blog links pageThe second big improvement – and this one took a lot of work – is a blog links page. There are all sorts of pages that link to blogs already, so I wanted to do something different. Using rss feeds, I created little personality boxes that each contain a short 3 link feed a description and a picture. The really cool part is that there is a little folded corner when that blog has been updated. There is a page featuring pre-law blogs and one featuring law student and lawyer blogs.
I set these up using the Magpie parser. If anyone has questions about it I might be able to help – I learned a lot in this endevour.

Beer is Cheaper Than Water

water and beerNaj of The Take suggested I use my record company refund to purchase the liquid essence of life: beer. In fact he may be on to something. In the Netherlands you can actually buy flavorful domestic bears like Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch for less than the price of a bottle of water. Pictured here are the actual items and price paid at my local supermarket. I’ll grant that you do get a little more water than beer, and that the beer required a small deposit for the bottle. Still, this shopping experience brings the old fraternity maxim: “Conserve Water, Drink Beer” one step closer to actually making sense. On the other hand, “Donate Blood – Play Rugby” still has no practical application.

Death Cab for Cutie Show Report

Death Cab for Cutie TicketI checked out the last show of the Death Cab for Cutie European tour last night in Amsterdam. If you ever find yourself going to a show at Paradiso in Amsterdam, know this: there is a smaller stage upstairs from the main room. After watching many of the people filter out of the main room as the staff started sweeping the floor, my co-show-goers and I became suspicious. We missed a good portion of the Death Cab for Cutie show before we finally started asking and looking around.
Nevertheless, it was a good show. The room was absolutely packed with fans, but only a few people so much as nodded their heads to the music – a very reserved crowd. The band asked, “Is this a normal night for everyone? You guys seem… tired.” There was no response.
I’ve heard that Dutch men and women are, on average, the tallest people in the world. This was evident last night too. Luckily, I’m 6’4” so I had no trouble seeing.

The BU Law Tower is Ugly

BU Law TowerThis Boston Globe article is quickly making the rounds at Boston University. I really don’t know anything about the matter, and it would be irresponsible of me to comment on the article. I will say though that it is an agreed upon fact that the current BU Law Tower does not meet the needs of a law school and is one of the ugliest law schools (and indeed buildings) in the country. If anyone thinks their school is worse, I’d love to hear it – perhaps with a link to a picture in the comments to this post.
For those that haven’t actually seen the BU law tower, here’s a picture for you. Compare with the pictures on the BU Law website, which rarely even shows the school.
[Update: Dean Cass responds to the article]