MyDoom Removal

I’m getting lots of MyDoom emails everyday from infected computers, but the worm masks the email “from” address so I don’t know who is actually infected. All that I’m sure of is that my computer isn’t infected and that I’m tired of getting all these emails. Please everyone, take a minute to run Microsoft’s MyDoom removal tool just to make sure your system is clean.

Re-Design Part II

Well I’m happy to say that my little re-design here is essentially done. There are probably some minor issues that need to be fixed, but generally I’m happy with the way things are looking.
It’s not a huge departure from the old design, but this time all the formatting is done with cascading style sheets. There are no tables at all! (Well, I didn’t change the photo gallery pages, so there are still some tables there, but I’ll change that some day.)
If anyone sees anything weird (maybe it looks different on your computer), please let me know.
I should give some credit to Jeffrey Zeldman and his book Designing with Web Standards. The book was a great resource to me in re-working this site and Law School Discussion.
Finally, I’m no expert at this stuff, but I’ve learned a lot about cascading style sheets and Moveable Type. If you have any questions about what I’ve done here (technically), don’t hesitate to ask.

Re-design Part I

Well I’m working on redesigning this site, but it is 10:48pm and the computer lab closes at 11:00pm, so what you see is what you get for the rest of the day (still a lot of day left in the US).
I’ll explain more on the design tomorrow. In the meantime, be patient because there are a couple bugs that I still have to fix.

CNET Music to Launch in March

I got my first email from CNET music today (they bought a few months ago). It sounds like they’re going to offer a service similar to, at least in terms of music hosting, so that should be good. Hopefully they can team up with Creative Commons to make it easy for people to grant liberal copyright licenses in their works, enable others to actually find the music through the machine readable licenses, and thus ease the spread of truly independent music.

When launches in March of this year, artists will be able to register, create an artist, enter songs and
artist data, upload MP3 files, and visit the resulting artist
page. We’ll also be offering simple URLs that can be
used to direct users to your artist page.

Sounds pretty simple, but I’m not asking for much.

Super Bowl: Dutch Style

I’m not a sports fan, so if I watch a portion of the Super Bowl it’s purely to absorb the cultural aspect of the event. I will admit that I do enjoy chips, salsa, and beer, and the combination of those is usually enough to get me over to someone’s house on game day.
I didn’t make any plans to watch this year’s Super Bowl, which was began at around 1am in The Netherlands. However, as I was finishing up a paper, I discovered to my astonishment that the game was actually on TV. There were Dutch announcers and slightly less extravagant graphics, but there was one remarkable difference: no commercials.
To many, including myself, the Super Bowl is as much a showcase of marketing as a sporting event. Everyone knows that the commercials are the most expensive television ads of the year, due to the extremely large viewing audience. If you didn’t know that (maybe if you’re from another country, say The Netherlands), all you’d have to do is watch the game on Dutch TV. Instead of showing you the ads, they show statistics about how much the ads cost and how high various Super Bowls have been rated. They also show replays of various game moments to fill the down time. I didn’t expect to see U.S. based ads on a Dutch station in any event, but I’m surprised they didn’t even show the normal ads for dish-soap, chocolate milk, and Norwegian vacations. At least I think those are the products being advertised in the commercials I usually see.