2003 US News Rankings

The new US News Law School rankings came out the other day. Sadly, BU has dropped to #28 (from last year’s #25), but how sadly? I really don’t care that much what US News thinks of BU anymore. Someone yesterday suggested that slipping out of the top 25 will cause fewer recruiters to come to the school. I don’t buy that. Besides, if no recruiters had come this year, I’d still be in the same situation: no job. (but I would have saved a lot of time not going to interviews)
As long as BU’s reputation stays reasonably high, the US News Rankings have no importance. The ABA is coming this week to renew BU’s accreditation, and I’ve noticed that the administration has put forth a lot of effort to make the school look nice (new paint, new carpet, same ugly-ass building). Now if the ABA revoked accreditation, that would be news (of course that would be silly). US News Rankings? Whatever.
The one thing I do like about the US News rankings is the fact that so many people are obsessed with them. Usually there is a huge buzz of predictions and uninformed commentary on various pre-law websites. This year, there was barely a mention of the new rankings on the popular pr board, or on my board: Law School Discussion. Last year was a lot more fun.