Third Draft of Journal Note

I handed in the third draft of my “note” yesterday. This paper has been haunting me all year, and will continue to do so until I finally satisfy BU’s “upper-class writing requirement”. I don’t think I should have to do it because, at this point, I have no job and should thus be considered “lower-class”. (Ohhh – that was a bad joke.)
Perhaps I can make some money by suing my journal. My Trademark professor says that law student plaintiffs are the second most dangerous kind. Only pro se criminals are worse. Consider the case of Choe v. Fordham Univ. Sch. of Law, 920 F. Supp. 44 (S.D.N.Y. 1995):

In his continuing effort to find legal employment, plaintiff informed various employers of his soon-to-be published Comment. When Choe read his Comment in print, however, he was horrified to discover numerous alleged substantive and typographical errors. Defendants allegedly presented to the public a “garbled and distorted version of plaintiff [sic] work.” Many of the alleged errors were “plain, old-fashioned typos which surely are as much the copy’s [sic] editors’ province [sic] as they are the author’s (if not moreso [sic] ).” Choe averred that “various of the mutilations occurred on nearly every single page of the [Comment].”

2003 US News Rankings

The new US News Law School rankings came out the other day. Sadly, BU has dropped to #28 (from last year’s #25), but how sadly? I really don’t care that much what US News thinks of BU anymore. Someone yesterday suggested that slipping out of the top 25 will cause fewer recruiters to come to the school. I don’t buy that. Besides, if no recruiters had come this year, I’d still be in the same situation: no job. (but I would have saved a lot of time not going to interviews)
As long as BU’s reputation stays reasonably high, the US News Rankings have no importance. The ABA is coming this week to renew BU’s accreditation, and I’ve noticed that the administration has put forth a lot of effort to make the school look nice (new paint, new carpet, same ugly-ass building). Now if the ABA revoked accreditation, that would be news (of course that would be silly). US News Rankings? Whatever.
The one thing I do like about the US News rankings is the fact that so many people are obsessed with them. Usually there is a huge buzz of predictions and uninformed commentary on various pre-law websites. This year, there was barely a mention of the new rankings on the popular pr board, or on my board: Law School Discussion. Last year was a lot more fun.

Baghdad Images

What does Baghdad look like? On television and in movies you never actually get to see what a place looks like. This is the only reason for watching Hideous Kinky, which shows you quite a bit of Morocco at the expense of a good plot. I turned to Google to find some pictures of Baghdad, and I found a few. I found a really nice looking satellite photo of Iraq, but while it’s cool to look at, it doesn’t really show me anything I’d want to see (how big are people’s houses, how close together, is industry mixed with residence, is there anything notably large?). Mapquest has some nice aerial photos, but will only show me Baghdad Run in Pennsylvania. Going down to ground level, I did find some fascinating photos taken nearly two years ago. (explanation and more pictures) Other than that, I can’t find much of anything. Everyone seems to have maps, but no one seems to have pictures.

April Fools

To me April 1 is a haunting reminder that I’m in my final month of job searching before the summer begins (yes, we’re getting out shockingly and awfully early this year). It’s also a reminder that the rent is due once again, and that spring should have sprung by now despite today’s snow storm. To many though, April 1 is a time for pranks and jokes. Those people should read the Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time. (via Daypop)
April 1 always makes me remember one of my first concert going experiences. Ten years ago today in the middle of the afternoon in the U District of Seattle, I went to see The Spinanes.