Complex Machines

Whenever I watch TV I get very annoyed at the car commercials. It seems like there are a lot more car commercials than there used to be, and they’re hardly ever creative. (And I’ve never been in the market for a car, so they don’t even serve the purpose of informing me.)
Honda’s UK Accord commercial is so fascinating, entertaining, and beautiful that it makes up for fifty bad “there’s never been a better time to buy – blah blah blah financing blah blah” commercials. It’s too bad I’ve already seen hundreds. I guess Volkswagen has entertained me a little too.
Someone has also made an unofficial (bigger and faster) version of the commercial. There’s also a Daily Telegraph Article about the filming.
I made a machine like this in eight-grade science class, but it wasn’t nearly as cool.

Huge Site Update

I’ve been working on some significant changes to this site over the last few days. I think I’m finally finished.
Obviously, the site is at a new domain:, but the real updates have been technological. I’m running Moveable Type now and it has enabled me to make all different types of archives. Each post now has its own link, and you can view old posts by category and date. Comments are hosted right here on, so they should run better than before.
It’s going to take a little while to update all the old posts to include titles, but that’s a pretty minor thing. The important thing is that everything is up and running. I ran into all kinds of problems with the server, Moveable Type installation, and design problems, but it was an adventure and now I can shower and change my clothes.

Missing Professor Found

There are posters around my neighborhood and BU asking for information to find missing BU professor John Daverio. It seems Professor Daverio just disappeared one night. The last sighting of him was the footage from the security camera in the lobby of his building. Apparently his wallet and briefcase were discovered in his office – left behind.
Part of the mystery was solved Tuesday when the BU crew team found his body in the Charles River. The other half of the mystery (how he got there) remains unsolved. The Globe reports that Professor Daverio’s elderly parents plan to keep his room exactly as he left it. An eerie conclusion.

Serial Killer or Friendly Guy?

The truth about Andrew Sinclair: (an email from a friend)

Ok, before I forget, I have to tell you about this dream I had. Basically, you were this psycho serial killer who was killing law school girls, and for some reason I solved the mystery. It was like I was on The Practice or something. I was going by your house and I saw you killing someone. But the weird thing was, whenever I saw you (besides when you were killing someone), you were exactly like you are for real–nice and friendly, not mean or scary at all. It really creeped me out, and I was afraid of you for a few hours after I woke up before I realized that it was only a dream.

If I Were a Synth

Another silly “What _____ are you?” quiz. I don’t know why I take these, especially because the results of this one only insult me. I was hoping to get the Korg Z1, the synth I actually own, but I got something similar. For the record, I think analog modeling is a huge scientific and musical advance. There’s nothing “follower” or “wanna-be” about it.
korg ms 2000
You are a Korg MS 2000
-You are a new school digital synth that trys to pass itself off as an analog
-You are a wanna-be
-You try really hard to fit in
-You are a follower
-alot of people might like you but thats because they don’t know many other people
what synthesizer are you?

Super Soaker

There’s a famous patent case that involves the Super Soaker water gun that I recently read for my IP survey course. I think I was close to the ideal water fight age when the Super Soaker was introduced, and I’ve completely forgotten about these guns since. I had the yellow and green gun, which was at the lower end of the first product line. The next gun up was blue and had two tanks. For those who had the green and yellow gun… ah yeah – you know it was superior. It didn’t hold as much water but you could pump it up more and get much better distance.
The web wasn’t around when the original Super Soakers came out, but for those who haven’t thought about water fights in a while, check out what Super Soakers look like now! How advanced can water-gun technology get? “This series extends the soaking dimension.” I’m sure it must be good then.
Also check out this informal but interesting history.

Image Jacking

I found an absurd discussion of the war between Lemons and Limes because they’re using my picture of limes from the Haymarket Gallery (see link on the right). I’m not really that protective of my copyrights, but it does annoy me when people steal my bandwidth (I’m still hosting the image).
To solve the problem I made a little modification to the original lime picture file, which used to look like this, but now looks like this. To see it in action, check out the lemon / lime thread and scroll down a little. Muhaha.

Snizzle fo’ rizzle

Yesterday the weather reporter announced his forecast for today’s “snizzle” (snow and drizzle combination). It looks like his forecast was accurate. Moving past the fact that it should not be snowing in April, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that silly hip-hop word concoctions are permeating popular culture, and I think it’s brilliant. When you can’t think of a word that rhymes, you can always just make up a new word. People with either understand what you mean to say or find the lack of comprehension amusing. It’s a win-win sitiation fo the nation.
Tired of popular hip-hop promoting over-consumption and material obsession? Maybe it’s time you found your inner-bling.