Who is Frank Chu?

Admittedly, I have a mild obsession with this guy. He walked around San Francisco all day long protesting his cause. There are many theories about Mr. Chu, but I believe the following (mostly hearsay): (1) He lives in Oakland with his parents, and commutes on BART. (2) He has mental problems. (3) He believes that he is a famous movie star in another galaxy. (4) The Clinton family is at least partially to blame for the lack of payment for his movies. (5) He enjoys protests of any sort. (6) He has some favorite words and phrases such as: “guiltied” “behind closed doors in Washington” “The richest family during the Clinton administration” “treasons committed against him” and of course “impeach x” (where x is the name of a current or former president, or a city or state that sounds like a president’s name, like Montana or Cleveland).

We may never know the truth about Frank Chu, but cheers to those that seek answers: The Zegnatronic Rocket Society, Stave.org, Indybay, Project 1525 (offline?), and the new “movie”: Who is Frank Chu? (quicktime file)

Law School Discussion Reaches PR6!

At some recent time, Law School Discussion achieved a Google Page-Rank of 6/10. 6 of 10 is actually fairly difficult to achieve, so I’m happy to see the site progressing. There have been a lot of new posts lately too, so I’d say the site is doing pretty well these days.
I wish I could say the same about the Arts Law Association at Boston University. I’m frustrated with the policies of the Student Bar Association, which controls the funding for all student groups. They want a budget within a week of school starting and they don’t like to approve any spending. I was trying to get a speaker this semester but the fact that I don’t yet have someone confirmed will probably prevent the whole thing from happening. I don’t know why the law school decided that the best way to distribute funding to student groups is through a few elected students that seem to want to re-live high school and drink cheap beer under florescent lights, but it has.

New Classes

It was a long day, but I think I’ve finally sorted out my schedule for the semester. I’m going heavy on the Intellectual Property courses because they fit my schedule and I think they’ll be pretty interesting. The final lineup is: Intellectual Property (“IP”), Law & The Arts, Trademarks, and IP Business Strategies.

Long Trip Home

I finally made it home last night around 10. My flight out of Cleveland was cancelled so I got stuck there for a while. I spent most of the day catching up on food shopping, laundry, and course selection. The system for choosing classes at BU is pretty weak. I was happy until I heard of a bad professor and until one of my classes changed its name to something very similar to a class I already took (no sense taking e-commerce twice). Now I have to try to reorganize.
The New Orleans pictures are now online. Enjoy.

Slippy Planes

When I started this website I was just short of obsessed with updating it daily. Um, those days are over. I’m still here though.
I’ve been traveling for my winter break. I went home to Seattle for Christmas and then welcomed the new year in New Orleans. I’m now on the plane returning to Boston and they’ve just announced, during that last sentance, that Cleveland airport is “closed” because a plane “slipped off the runway” and they’re “cleaning that up”. So we’re supposed to be holding for an hour and may be diverted to Detriot. It’s not a good time to have a connection in Cleveland.
If I live to see Boston again, I’ll soon have a new “photo gallery” for the New Oleans trip.