Evidence is tomorrow. Evidence has been on my mind for a long time. It’ll be nice to put it down on paper and forget it for awhile. It should really only be relevant two times in my life: (1) tomorrow for the exam, and (2) in 2004 for the Bar. I don’t plan to do litigation, so I should be safe after that.

Blogger Problems

I think my brain may be full, but as long as some knowledge gets pushed out, there’ll be room for more. I’ve one full day left until two days of torture (exams).
This might explain the lack of activity here, but another reason is that blogger* seemed to be having some technical difficulties, not unlike our nation.
*note the “powered by blogger” logo in the bottom corner of this page – indeed this page is powered by blogger


I guess I’ll be like everyone else and link to Froogle today. It’s a good concept – just in time for Christmas too (though it doesn’t appear that Google gets any sort of commission on sales). It doesn’t really seem to work that well though; I wasn’t able to find anything, or any better prices on things, that I wouldn’t have been able to find just searching amazon, mysimon, bn.com, or whatever. I’m much more impressed with Google Catalogs and Amazon Light.

The World of Copyright

One exam down, two exams to go. I celebrated with a pint at Bukowski Tavern, only to be haunted by a flashback to my exam (both Bukowski and the exam featured an newspaper article cut out and mounted for public display). Indeed copyright is everywhere. It might just be that it has been on my mind a lot recently, but it seems to me that it is one most often violated areas of the law. I’m not saying this is a bad thing (the violations that is (suggesting lots of use), not the fact that there are violations (suggesting strict laws)), but it does seem like the law could be more consistent with behavior. For example, wherever something is “illegal but tolerated” it might as well just be made legal. (Okay – so this doesn’t work so well because the people that are “tolerating” (law enforcement) are different from the people making the laws – but still…) Copyright is the same way. There should be a better defense for small infringements. If its not worth anyone’s time to bring a lawsuit, there should be no cause of action.*
*Disclaimer: It’s been a long day.


Googlism will tell you everything that Google “knows” about a particular topic. Google knows who I am:
Who is Andrew Sinclair?

  • andrew sinclair is a law student at boston university and he also runs lawschooldiscussion
  • andrew sinclair is still living
  • andrew sinclair is clearly influenced by the wizard of oz
  • andrew sinclair is a parent who has withdrawn his child from the kindergarten out of concern for the effects of the telco tower (okay – that one’s not true – but damn that telco tower!)
    What is Law School?

  • law school is for those who like torture
  • law school is nothing like medical school
  • law school is located on the right
  • law school is an act of bad faith
  • law school is the right choice
    Where is Carmen Sandiego?

  • carmen sandiego is right here
  • carmen sandiego is hiding
  • carmen sandiego is operating based on geographical clues
  • carmen sandiego is hiding out
  • carmen sandiego is on our milk cartons at school
    What is Boston?

  • boston is a city of neighborhoods
  • boston is in big trouble
  • boston is just as important to the well being of the united states as it was over 400 years ago
  • boston is heartbreak
  • boston is doing it
    (via David Galbraith)

  • Santa Lives in Colorado

    Apparently, FedEx thinks that Santa Clause has relocated to Snowmass Colorado. At least that’s where they deliver his letters. Santa would have felt right at home in Boston today though. At one point it was 17F.
    My first exam of the season is less than 48 hours away, but it’s really hard to study this year. Asking around, this seems to be the consensus. Is it that the second year grades aren’t as important as the first? (They aren’t.) Is it that we all are more comfortable with eight law school exams under our belts? I can’t explain why, but its definitely hard to stay motivated this time around.