Last Day of Work

Today was the official last day of work at the Legal Services Center. I didn’t come close to finishing all the things I wanted to get done, but in the last two days I’ve managed to form a corporation, sell it’s stock (only technically though), and file an application for tax-exempt status (Form 1023 for those that know). It’s been a long week.
I obtained access to the BU Arts Law Association website tonight. I don’t think that site has been updated in over a year (much unlike this website). The first order of business was to at least list the officers correctly. I’m thinking about a redesign but I don’t know if I time. It’s always fun to mess around with a new website though.

The End of Summer

Trying to squeeze every last drop of juice from the squishy orange that is summer…
Work is keeping me really busy lately, but tomorrow is the last day. That’s right, the summer is almost over. Only a couple glorious (work-free) weeks remain.

Clients and 1Ls Emerge

It looks like the flyer for Law School Discussion has finally gone out to all the new BU 1Ls. People are starting to actually use the “Students’ and Graduates’” board on that site. It’s funny to think back to one year ago what I too was wondering what to wear for picture day.
It’s my last week at the Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center. I somehow managed to have a huge amount of work to get done, so work has been a little stressful. We tend to have a lot of clients who aren’t really paying for our legal services, and they tend not to be as responsive as would be clients who were actually losing something if the work never gets done. This creates a situation where people don’t call back, and leave a lot of blanks on stuff that lawyers aren’t supposed to have to do, like budgets for example. So you let people take their time and take on some new people. Now and then, there is a wave of action as older clients start returning calls and new clients actually want to get something done. This creates too much work, and not everything can get done. Four more days…

Bat on the Premises

Bat flies into room once, no one notices. Bat flies by again, “what the hell is that”. Bat comes in for a third pass, “holy &*%$!”. Residents go running…
Upon sudden push from couch to hallway, foot slips on new $90 rug. Upon slipping, heal of foot goes into the underside of new coffee table. Upon coffee table jolt, glass of milk (from new carton mind you) goes over onto new $90 rug. D-oh!
The bat, which we’re sure is rabid, is contained to a few (rather key) rooms. This will allow us to think of a remedy while we sleep, so long as the two Rare African Death Centipedes that I killed in my room tonight were really the only two, and aren’t just replaceable representatives from the mother Death Centipede nest.

Newport Folk Festival

I just got back from the Newport Folk Festival featuring Bob Dylan. I actually don’t know that much about Bob Dylan, so I won’t say anything about the performance. I will make a couple of general observations:
The Bob Dylan / Folk Festival crowd is a strange breed. For music so friendly I’m really surprised at the lack of courtesy of some of the people in the audience. I didn’t like the way everybody brought lawn chairs and blankets, claiming a huge 7x7ish area solely for their feet. There just wasn’t enough room for everyone to do this and those who packed light (no blanket) or arrived a little late didn’t have a chance of sitting down anywhere (not that you’d want to sit for Dylan, but there was no more space when people stood up either, because they still had their blankets and chairs taking up all the prime space.
Fort Adams Park or the City of Newport did a terrible job planning the way people would get around. We were selected to be in the “take the long way” lane that sent us on a scenic and slow drive around the area. It took ages but I’m glad for it because I got to see some massive mansions (I know that, by definition, mansions are massive, but I want to point out that these are crazy-big mansions, bigger that what I used to think of as “mansions”.)