New York Job Fair Report

New York was fun and really strange. There were probably fifty or so employers, each with their own suite in a fancy hotel. Every twenty minutes an appropriately dressed law student would knock on the door of one of these suites. One student leaves, another enters, and its “so, why do you want to be a lawyer?”
The interviews themselves were not as hard as I thought they would be. The questions were fairly straightforward and the interviewers were generally friendly. I don’t know what the odds are of actually getting a job though. These firms interview a lot more people than they intend to hire.

Job Fair Prep

So much to do, so little time. I’m off to New York tonight for a couple interviews tomorrow morning. I haven’t researched the firms yet but hopefully I can do that this afternoon. I haven’t thought about what I’m going to say when they ask me what my greatest weakness is either. (“I waste a lot of time posting stuff to my website, which really has no point whatsoever.”) I have some fancy resume paper, but so far there is no resume printed on it. Busy busy busy. I must go to class…

Start of the Semester

Classes have begun and school is off to a busy start. I’m still trying to get a couple books from and other avenues to avoid the insane markups at the “Barnes & Nobel at BU” bookstore. They list used prices but I’ve never seen a used book in there. Some of the books are as much as $30 more than on etc.
I moved into a really small room yesterday too. This rearranging makes life a little bit interesting, but it also takes away time that I don’t have. Another annoyance.

Sports Resources

As of today, I have been to five professional baseball games during my 25 year existence. Today was my first venture into Fenway Park, the historic ball park from which I live only 5 minutes away. It was certainly interesting to check it out, but it was way too hot. I only lasted until the seventh inning.
I’ve never been much of a sports fan and I generally think that professional spectator sports are a tremendous waste of resources. At the same time, their mass appeal creates a common history among individuals, which is regional in scope. In other words, sports create community. In the same way that people from all walks of life (but generally from one area) come together for church on Sunday, people come together for sports on Saturday (um, and Sunday). If only we could come together for something a bit more… productive.

It was orientation day today

It was orientation day today for the Journal of Science and Technology Law (note the updated staff list). It sounds like the Journal is going to be a lot of work, but at least somewhat interesting. Monday is the first day of classes so summer is most certainly nearing its end. The weather agrees.
I also had a meeting with the BU Arts Law Association board today. We’re planning some pretty cool events, so hopefully the organization will be a lot more active than last year.

Pests Take Over

I’m back from my trip. Boston welcomed me with a lost bag, a bat above my front door (inside the building), dried nectarine juice all over the floor, maggots in the kitchen trash, dead plants, guano or some sort of mouse dropping on my desk, and another one of those rare-African-death-centipedes that I love so much. It was a really unpleasant evening. The bat is still there by the way – anyone know how to get rid of a bat?

San Francisco and Class Registration

San Francisco hasn’t changed much since I lived here (it’s only been a year). There are some new buses, and the rents seem to be a lot more reasonable. Otherwise it’s the same city. The weather is gloomy and cool every day – perfect.
I’m still trying to catch up with my friends here. There are a lot of people spread out over the SF Bay Area to see, and still a few days to track some people down.
In news from Boston, it sounds like I was able to drop my extra classes to avoid paying the $2,500 fee for having too many credits. It’s not a good system. There is no way to pick alternative classes when one registers, so the best strategy is to sign up for the maximum number of units. If you are lucky enough to get all the classes for which you signed up, you’re hit with the $2,500 fee. You get this back when you drop the classes to get back down to a normal load, but the fee is due before the drop period. Not very well planned out at all. It looks like I also managed to get a whopping one interview at the New York job fair. At least I got something…

Off to San Francisco

I’m off to San Francisco. As advanced as technology is, “anywhere” as in “one can update a website from anywhere” really refers to “anywhere there is a computer”. Hopefully there will be some updates, but no promises.
My plants are going to die.