New Song!

It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded a new song to Partly this is because I haven’t been working on music much since law school started. Now that it’s summer and I have some time to actually do something creative, the synth has been dusted off (actually it’s been dust-free all year, but more from actual dusting than from playing) and I am back work. Check out my latest track. I started and finished this one during school, but only now got around to recording it and uploading. More to come.

Bird Bomber

Twas quite a warm day today. Luckily, I have air conditioning both at work and at home, so I only had to deal with the heat for my walk to and from the distant orange line. On the way home I spotted a bird that was ‘dive-bombing’ a bulldog. The dog was pretty scared, and its owner was giving the bird nasty looks like “stay the fuck away from my dog”. The whole thing was pretty funny. The bird was pretty small.

Sub-Code Housing

Ethan Mascoop, a local housing conditions expert gave a talk today about some of the common housing-related health concerns around Boston. From flies to mold, he said he doubts that many apartments in the area actually meet the housing code standard. It’s a bit ironic that the first floor of the building where the talk was being given was closed off for mold removal, while a cockroach was spotted on the table as Mr. Mascoop had just finished the cockroach segment of his speech. Apparently, it was a German Cockroach.
It was interesting to think about all the hidden health hazards in one’s home. While no one is immune from the dangers of lead paint, mold, cockroaches, etc., the lower income areas tend to have greater problems. Of course they are the most likely to have landlords that do not maintain the property, and the least likely to have the resources to do something about poor conditions.
Gotta watch out for that stachybotrys.

Filene’s Dungeon

Some people enjoy shopping. Some even consider it a hobby. I find it burdensome. I don’t want to have to go around and look at ugly clothes and wonder if they’ll fit in and if they’ll fit me and if the price fits my budget. It’s all about size. I ventured out to downtown crossing to see if I couldn’t find a couple new shirts for work. It was work. The strangest part was the dressing room at Filene’s Basement. It warrants a new paragraph…
If Filene’s Basement really is a basement (and it is), then the men’s dressing room is the dungeon. It’s not that you go down another flight of stairs to get there, but you definitely go down another level. One minute you’re picking through the generally bad clothes (granted, they’re priced to sell) and the next minute you’re entering the prison changing room. See, at Filene’s Basement, there is only one men’s dressing room. Imagine each man’s shock (I bet it’s mostly first timers, I doubt too many come back) when he turns the corner expecting to find a hallway of doors and instead is blinded by the site of ten half-naked men. It’s crowded, so you have to be careful not to bump into anyone as you’re maneuvering the clothes on and off of your body. Overall, there’s nothing wrong with the concept, but I really think Filene’s should warn people what they’re about to get into. Consider yourself warned. (Ladies, I’d be interested to hear a report of the women’s facilities. They no doubt include several leather sofas, an open bar, complementing staff…)

Around the House

Still no word on our new roommate. Where are you new roommate?
I really don’t understand these window-type A/C units. I finally got around to “installing” mine because the morning heat disrupted my weekend slumber. This things weighs about 60 lbs., almost all of which is leaning out the window. How many of these things fall each year? I swear it’s the most unstable appliance I’ve ever owned. One doesn’t balance a refrigerator on the edge of a window sill, so why do it with an A/C unit?
In my search for installation instructions, however, I came upon a rare gem… The infamous Help Around the House” Episode ARH-133, “Painting a Kitchen”” starring none other than my friend Jody Cole. Unfortunately you can’t download the video, but Jody is featured in one of the still pictures painting the infamous W on the wall. Painting lesson #1: always paint in Ws, no other letters.

Subway Ad Poetry

reward your curiosity
don’t let the fancy clothes fool you
don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do at 2am
be afraid. be kinda afraid.*
*Taken from four adjacent subway ads at the Government Center T station. Advertisers aren’t afraid to tell you straight out what they want you to do. Imagine someone actually obeying. You could assemble all the commands together to create timeless advice for the perfect customer, or some new form of poetry.
A sceptical look at some NY subway ads.


I’m really impressed with this photograph by Steve Garrigues. He has a whole folder dedicated to trees on Really nice stuff.
I bought a couple pears this evening to provide restitution for my lunch stock after one of my golden-delicious (a bit of a presumptuous name I think) committed suicide by jumping out of my cupboard onto the edge of a pan in the sink below. Pears are so weird. They’re beautifully deformed apples, and they taste exactly so (as Dr. Pepper is to Coke). Pears are always overshadowed by apples though – always thought of in the context of apples. People have a problem comparing apples to oranges, but no one objects to comparing apples to pears.
The Pear Bureau Northwest has quite an informative pear website, complete with recipes for “Pear Turkey and Cheese Sandwich”. What is “pear turkey”? Or was there supposed to be a comma in between those words? It sounds… bad. But maybe it’s one of those things that our great society has yet to discover, like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter (“the world would have to wait”) or, as I was noticing today: yogurt covered pretzels. The combination of sweet and salty that tingles different parts of one’s tongue. Brilliant.

Weekend Well Spent

Weekends are glorious.
I’ve made full use of this weekend, barbecueing, exploring, cooking, reading, and working on some updates for Not a second has been wasted. Life is so good when you have no obligations.